Are you considering switching current method of contraception? Your choice of birth control is a personal decision and one that the providers at PGOMG respect.

We work with patients to determine which form of contraception best fits their lifestyle and family planning goals, and we understand that your preference or needs can change over time.

Why would someone switch their birth control?

Not every form of contraception fits every woman. For some, taking a daily birth control pill fits their schedule perfectly. For others, having to take a pill at the same time every day is logistically difficult. Needs and circumstances can change, and you may choose to change your birth control because:

  • You plan on trying to conceive soon
  • Your work or school schedule has changed
  • Your insurance has changed
  • You are experiencing side effects

How do I switch birth control?

All PGOMG patients need to do is make an appointment with their provider to discuss their birth control preferences. Changes to birth control are not covered in annual well-woman exams, so you will need to make a separate appointment for this purpose. Annual well woman exams are reserved for preventative care and screening.

What are my birth control options at PGOMG?

PGOMG provides patients with a wide range of contraceptive options, including:


  • The birth control pill (“The pill”)
  • Mirena IUD
  • Nexplanon (implant)


  • Tubal ligation (“Tubes tied”)
  • Essure

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If you would like to discuss a change to your birth control with your PGOMG provider, please make an appointment today.