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In-Office Ultrasound

At Pacific Gynecology and Obstetrics Medical Group we offer patients the convenience of in-office ultrasound technology, right here in our San Francisco Bay Area location. This allows expectant moms to confirm a normal intrauterine pregnancy at the time of their OB visit, rather than coordinating and scheduling separate visits.

Ultrasounds use high frequency sound waves and transmit these waves through an expectant mother’s abdomen to create a sonogram. Though often used interchangeably with “ultrasound”, a sonogram is actually the image of the baby and placenta created during the ultrasound. Ultrasounds are non-invasive, painless and can be performed at any point during a pregnancy to help determine a baby’s due date and gender. Information obtained through a sonogram image can also be used as a diagnostic tool to assist in the detection of abnormalities or defects. PGOMG offers both vaginal and trans-abdominal ultrasound scans.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ultrasound

How accurate is an ultrasound pregnancy test?

Ultrasounds are often used to confirm and monitor pregnancies, and they are very accurate with the exception of a few uncommon circumstances. An ultrasound can potentially miss a pregnancy if it is located outside of the womb, i.e. an ectopic pregnancy. It can also potentially miss a pregnancy in the very early stages, as the embryo may not yet be large enough to see on the screen.

When during pregnancy is the first ultrasound?

The first ultrasound is typically performed on the first obstetrical visit at about 6-8 weeks into a pregnancy. Women with high risk pregnancies will likely have earlier and more frequent ultrasounds.

How early can you find out your baby’s gender with an ultrasound?

It is difficult to ascertain when exactly a doctor will be able to determine a baby’s gender because it is entirely dependent on the position of the baby during the ultrasound. If the baby is in a good viewing position, then a doctor can usually tell the sex of a baby around the 18-20 week mark.

Are prenatal ultrasounds safe?

Ultrasounds are a safe an effective tool for doctors and prospective parents to view a baby’s position, movements, and progress. They have been used for decades and there is no evidence that they are harmful when used properly.

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