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menopause management

Menopause Misconceptions Explained

Managing menopause symptoms can feel challenging enough, but when menopause misconceptions are also thrown into the mix, the process of getting through them one day to the next can be daunting. Menopause, unfortunately, still falls behind in terms of how it is discussed (if at all) in popular culture. It’s not likely to be a

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Do I Need to See a Doctor for Menopause?

The question of whether or not to see a doctor for menopause leads to questions about quality of life. Not every woman experiences menopause the same way. While some studies have shown that 80% of women undergoing menopause reported no decrease in quality of life, menopause research is limited, especially in minority populations. You should

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The Menopause Symptom Checklist: What Can and Can’t Be Treated at Home

Menopause, which affects women in their 40s and 50s, is a natural biological process. Menopause signals the end of a woman’s menstrual period and ability to conceive. The transition can be difficult from both an emotional and physical standpoint, though the physical symptoms of menopause are likely what most people are familiar with. Menopause’s physical

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Menopause FAQs by PGOMG

Menopause can be a difficult transition for women since this period in a woman’s life can bring unpleasant symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, sleep troubles and more. For many, the terms “menopause” and “hot flash” are practically synonymous, but this does little to educate or spread understanding about the experience of menopause, how it

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Women’s Health Checklist: Stay Healthy at Any Age

For a woman, staying healthy at any age means taking full responsibility for her own health and well-being. Of course, this translates into a balanced lifestyle involving diet and exercise, but there are some things that you’ll need a doctor’s help and advice for (every so often). In order to clear up any misconceptions you

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Menopause Management: 3 Tips to Survive Your Next Hot Flash

Around age forty through fifty is the time when women typically end their menstrual period and move into menopause. On the one hand, women no longer have to deal with menstruation once a month. On the other hand, menopause comes with its own often unpleasant side effects. A very common condition that women experience during

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