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What Is a “Normal” Period?

Despite the many advances made in women’s health services, resources, and education over the years, there’s still a lot of confusion over what constitutes a “normal” period. While the length and flow of menstrual cycles can vary widely from person to person, it’s important to know the basics—what to look for, what may require a

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10 HPV Facts Teens Need to Know

How can I get HPV? Do I really need a vaccine to prevent it? What are the symptoms of HPV? Can I get HPV if I’m monogamous? Is there a cure? HPV is a topic that many teenagers are familiar with, but often only on a surface level. They’ve probably heard of HPV and know

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Which Kind of Birth Control is Right for Me?

Which kind of birth control is right for you is a very personal decision. Your doctor will be able to offer the best possible advice, but ultimately the decision depends on you and your individual situation. We believe that one of the best ways to help our patients make decisions about contraception is to provide

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