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When Is PMS / PMDD Severe?

Historically, the existence of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) has been seen as little more than an unfortunate and unavoidable side effect of being a female. Once a month, for about a week or two before getting their periods, over 90% of women report having at least some PMS symptoms. Because menstrual discomfort is so common, many

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What Is a “Normal” Period?

Despite the many advances made in women’s health services, resources, and education over the years, there’s still a lot of confusion over what constitutes a “normal” period. While the length and flow of menstrual cycles can vary widely from person to person, it’s important to know the basics—what to look for, what may require a

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Three Uncomfortable Women’s Health Symptoms You Don’t Have to Suffer

Historically, women have been conditioned to treat discomfort as a natural side effect of … well, being female. However, there at least three uniquely female health-related symptoms you don’t have to accept as part of your daily life – one at each stage of womanhood. Modern medicine can help relieve pain and discomfort when it

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3 Reasons for Painful, Severe Periods

How much period pain is too much? Women are used to living with the pain and discomfort that comes with their periods. We expect cramping, bloating, fatigue, and maybe even nausea and an upset stomach. We all have our list of PMS symptoms that we anticipate for a few days each month, and we are

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Menstruation 101: Your #1 FAQ Guide to Your Period

At PGOMG, we’ve found that women of all ages have questions about menstruation. These questions often include: “Is this normal?”, “Should this happen?” and “What can I do?”, especially with regard to conditions in which the “normal” experience of having your period transitions into another medical condition – one that you may not even know

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5 Ways to Relieve PMS Symptoms

Whether PMS symptoms are mild or more intense in nature, there is no reason why women should have to “put up with” them for a few days every single month. Regardless of their intensity, PMS symptoms can really disrupt a woman’s normal routine. Fatigue, cramping, bloating, irritability, anxiety, breast tenderness, and aches are all indicative

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