For many women, visiting with one physician for any and all health concerns is appealing.  On the one hand, having one primary care provider for checkups and exams is convenient because it means one doctor’s office, one set of forms, and one insurance confirmation.

On the other hand, even if they offer a long list of healthcare services, not every gynecologist or OB/GYN can diagnose and treat every health concern. It is up to every woman to decide for herself whether a primary care provider is needed in addition to a gynecologist or OB/GYN.

The benefits of having an OB/GYN

Not every gynecologist practices or is certified to practice obstetrical care. For those switching providers or just getting started with their first annual exam, it may be beneficial to find a practice like PGOMG, which provides gynecological and obstetrical care. Having to find an obstetrician when you’re pregnant or thinking of trying for a pregnancy can add yet another physician to your list of providers, whereas visiting with a practice that offers both services removes that stress.

OB/GYNs like those at PGOMG offer a wide range of reproductive, gynecological and obstetrical healthcare services. PGOMG offers annual well-woman exams, contraceptive options, family planning services, pregnancy and childbirth, fertility, STDs, menopause management, urinary incontinence, and more. Many women’s healthcare needs and concerns are covered by PGOMG’s services, but there are some general healthcare issues that may be better suited for a primary care provider, also sometimes known as a general practitioner (GP).

A primary care provider that can cover all health issues 

Your OB/GYN may be able to assist with female health concerns, but not every health issue is suited for a gynecologist or obstetrician. For example, a primary care provider can tackle a range of common health issues, from colds and flu to chronic disease management. Some general practitioners even have onsite services like an EKG or laboratory testing. Of course, the full list of services offered will depend on your choice of provider.

All in all, who you choose to provide for your healthcare needs is entirely up to you, but not every practice will offer the full range of both women’s healthcare services and general healthcare services.

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