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Five Things Women Need to Understanding About Having a Miscarriage

If you have had a miscarriage, you are not alone. However, because conversations about miscarriage can be so lacking, it may feel that way. Miscarriages are far more common than most people would guess, but because women do not always disclose that they’ve had a miscarriage, let alone talk about their feelings, it can seem

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Five Early Signs of Labor

Very few people know the day their babies will be born. Other than induced labor or planned C-sections, delivery dates remain elusive; they usually fall within 2 weeks of your due date, though sometimes earlier. The days leading up to your baby’s exact birthday contain fleeting indicators that labor is on the horizon; recognizing these

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Preeclampsia: What You Should Know

Preeclampsia is a condition that occurs during pregnancy. This complication usually occurs late in pregnancy (after 20 weeks), but it can also happen earlier or after childbirth. Most people diagnosed with preeclampsia are able to deliver healthy babies and fully recover. However, if left untreated, preeclampsia can lead to serious complications that put both mother

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