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Monthly Archives: June 2015

3 Reasons to Use PGOMG’s Patient Portal: FollowMyHealth

If you’ve never logged in to use PGOMG’s FollowMyHealth patient portal, you’re missing out! PGOMG offers our patients a portal which allows for ease and control over your healthcare decisions. Our patient portal offers the ability to have secure communication with the PGOMG physician and staff team. We realize that your important questions and concerns

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Fertility for Your Future: Fertility Care in Your 20’s and Early 30’s

For women who are not yet ready to build a family, thinking about and taking care of your fertility are probably not top priority. When you’re in your 20’s and early 30’s, it’s easy to assume that when you want to get pregnant, you’ll be able to do so without issue. In fact, many women

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What Does It Mean to Have a High Risk Pregnancy?

For those whose pregnancy is determined to be high risk, the time between conception and the birth of your baby will require an additional level of caution, and the providers at PGOMG are always prepared to assist women during this time. High risk pregnancy can apply to a number of health and personal situations, all

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