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High Risk Pregnancy

High Risk Pregnancy Care at PGOMG

Sometimes, patients experience unique challenges through the course of their pregnancies. At PGOMG, our expert specialists understand the concerns of patients who qualify as “high risk”. It is our upmost priority to monitor, treat, and address potential issues expectant parents may face during a high risk pregnancy.

There are several factors that can contribute to a pregnancy qualifying as high risk, including:

  • Age (mothers over the age of 35 qualify), requiring additional genetic screening
  • Underlying health issues (diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, epilepsy, kidney disease, HIV…)
  • Multiple pregnancies (a mother is pregnancy with more than one baby at a time)
  • Problems experienced during a previous pregnancy, like premature birth

If our providers determine that you qualify as high risk, we will plan out the remaining course of your pregnancy and take the appropriate steps needed to ensure the best possible health and well-being of both mom and baby. We work with the perinatologist, a high risk pregnancy subspecialist. If you believe that you qualify as a high risk pregnancy patient, or if you would like further consultation, please contact your MD at PGOMG for a consultation.

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