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Monthly Archives: May 2016

10 Things No One Ever Tells You about Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression

1. The “baby blues” and postpartum depression are not the same. “Baby blues” may refer to the common mood swings, sadness, irritability and anxiety that women can experience after pregnancy and giving birth. Postpartum depression is more severe, with symptoms often lasting longer than a few weeks. 2. Postpartum depression’s symptoms can include insomnia; loss

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Finding an OB/GYN Near Me in San Francisco

Are you looking for a new OB/GYN? If you recently moved, found a new job, or if you’re looking for a new provider, you may be in the midst of an exhausting search. Finding the right OB/GYN near you in San Francisco doesn’t have to be a difficult task, though. Many women dread searching for

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How to Find Out If Your Period Isn’t Normal

Concerns about whether a period is or isn’t normal are incredibly common among menstruating women. Because the experience of having a period can vary so widely from month to month and from woman to woman, the qualifications of having a so-called “normal period” are not often viewed as universal. Then length of your period, heaviness

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