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Reviews & Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. See what patients have to say about Pacific Gynecology and Obstetrics Medical Group:

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This office has always been very professional and pleasant. I always have an excellent experience. You guys are amazing. You provide the best care and are very welcoming.
…just a note to say thank you for caring for me and the two kiddos during my pregnancies. It was always a joy to see you and laugh and feel better about all the mysteriousness that goes along with growing a human. Thank you so, so much. Now I’ll need to find another reason to get see you every month. Lots of love…
I am extremely satisfied with every aspect of my surgical procedure.
I am also equally as satisfied with the placement and size of the incisions.
Health Loops is a great tool for me to stay in touch with my doctor and staff without having to
communicate over the phone and the doctor can track how my recovery is going every day.
My doctor was great. I was dreading my visit and it was fine and easy. Thank you!
I have been seeing one of the physician assistants and she is one of the most approachable,comforting healthcare provider I could hope for. Thanks.
The doctor was highly professional. She helped my 92 year old mother to avoid surgery. I can tell thisdoctor cares about her patients. She answers all of our questions and the staff is helpful too.
My physician was called away for a delivery. The receptionist was able to
reschedule me with the nurse practitioner so I didn’t have to come back. It was
all very last minute and it was super helpful for me. Thank you all.
I have been coming to this office for about 6 years now, so that says loads.
My physician is always efficient, informative and predictable. The staff is very helpful with scheduling and
rescheduling my appointments. My overall experience in the office has been excellent.
I went to the office for the first time and overall I was very happy with my physician.
She was very friendly, warm, up front and informative. I was able to getall my concerns addressed. A good doctor is a great thing to have.
I recently joined this practice as my physician moved out of the area. I visit the office on a monthly basis
as I’m 7 months pregnant. The staff is friendly, professional and extremely competent. I will delivery
my first child in a few months and feel secure with my doctor. Kudos to her team!
Even though this was a traumatic, scary situation for me – your calmness and warm attitude made this whole process so much easier on me. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful support and care!