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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Menopause Management: 3 Tips to Survive Your Next Hot Flash

Around age forty through fifty is the time when women typically end their menstrual period and move into menopause. On the one hand, women no longer have to deal with menstruation once a month. On the other hand, menopause comes with its own often unpleasant side effects. A very common condition that women experience during

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Should I Be Worried About Melanoma?

As spring wraps up and we head into summer, women, men and children all across the country are ditching all of those winter layers for shorts and bathing suits. Instead of spending time in the occasional grey skies and lower temperatures, the majority of us are planning on spending a great deal of our time

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Top Women’s Health Questions: Part II

We know that education is an essential part of women being in control of their bodies and their health, which is why we created this series that addresses some of the most popular questions women ask their family and friends. In part I of our series on top women’s health questions we addressed changes in

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