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What Happens When You Stop Birth Control?

You might stop taking birth control pills for one or more of several reasons: You want to get pregnant You’re starting menopause You’ve decided to practice a different form of contraception Your reasons are related sometimes to your health, and other times to your lifestyle. If you’ve decided to stop birth control, here’s what you

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How to Switch Your Birth Control

Are you considering switching current method of contraception? Your choice of birth control is a personal decision and one that the providers at PGOMG respect. We work with patients to determine which form of contraception best fits their lifestyle and family planning goals, and we understand that your preference or needs can change over time.

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Which Kind of Birth Control is Right for Me?

Which kind of birth control is right for you is a very personal decision. Your doctor will be able to offer the best possible advice, but ultimately the decision depends on you and your individual situation. We believe that one of the best ways to help our patients make decisions about contraception is to provide

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Know Your Contraception and Family Planning Options

Sometimes, female contraception/family planning options can be overwhelming. It’s important to discuss contraception options with your physician in order to determine which choice is the right one for your lifestyle. However, it’s equally important to be aware of the options that are available to you whether it’s your first time opting for contraception aside from

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