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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Plan B: Myths, Facts and What You Need to Know about Emergency Contraception

Plan B, also called “the morning-after pill,” is emergency contraception designed to be used in the 72-hour period after intercourse if the contraception of choice failed. Plan B is most effective when taken as soon as possible post-intercourse. It is 95 percent effective if taken within 24 hours and is 89 percent effective when taken

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Can My Gynecologist Be My Primary Care Provider?

For many women, visiting with one physician for any and all health concerns is appealing.  On the one hand, having one primary care provider for checkups and exams is convenient because it means one doctor’s office, one set of forms, and one insurance confirmation. On the other hand, even if they offer a long list

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How to Switch Your Birth Control

Are you considering switching current method of contraception? Your choice of birth control is a personal decision and one that the providers at PGOMG respect. We work with patients to determine which form of contraception best fits their lifestyle and family planning goals, and we understand that your preference or needs can change over time.

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