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Obstetrical Care

Obstetrical Care at PGOMG

pgomg_pics_fertilityReceiving quality obstetrical care plays an important role in keeping yourself and your baby healthy. At PGOMG we specialize in obstetrics, which is the care of a woman’s reproductive tract through pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period.

While many women are blessed with healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies, some women experience high-risk pregnancies. High-risk pregnancies can have many causes, including previously existing medical conditions, advanced age, lifestyle choices, pregnancy complications or by carrying multiples. We look at each situation through a unique lens to provide you with the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Obstetrics Treatment & Care

In-Office Ultrasound

PGOMG’s in-office ultrasound technology allows expectant moms to confirm a normal intrauterine pregnancy at the time of their OB visit. The procedure is painless and nonsurgical. Read more about it here >>>

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