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Preconception Counseling

Pregnancy Planning 101: Preconception Care and Fertility Guidelines

Preconception care is a critical initial phase in family planning. You can enhance your chances of conceiving successfully and improve the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy when following these essential guidelines for conception and pregnancy preparation strategies. Tracking Ovulation Understanding your menstrual cycle will clue you in on when you are most fertile. Ovulation usually

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Your Women’s Wellness Checklist for 2021

With 2021 on the horizon, more women than ever before are looking to the new year with resolutions of being healthier. Although maintaining our health has always been considered important in the abstract sense, most New Year’s resolutions are unintentionally forgotten or ignored as the month of January rolls on. However, because of the COVID-19

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Five Ways to Stay Healthy Through the End of the Year

There’s still time to kick-start any positive health efforts before settling on a New Year’s resolution. Taking care of yourself is essential all year round, but taking some time to refocus before one of the busiest times of the year is important too. PGOMG wanted to offer patients some options to consider that will benefit

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Do I Need to Tell My Gynecologist That I Want to Get Pregnant?

Ideally, your relationship with your gynecologist includes open lines of communication. If you share your desire to get pregnant, they’ll be able to help you prepare for pregnancy through good gynecological health. In fact, you can even opt for preconception counseling with an OB/GYN – who may be your current doctor or one affiliated with

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Five New Year’s Resolutions Your Gynecologist Will Love

The time for New Year’s resolutions is almost upon us. For those looking to improve their well-being in 2017, PGOMG has a list of five resolutions you can make to address your gynecological health. Schedule an annual well woman exam. Annual exams, also known as well woman exams, provide an annual opportunity for you to

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Why Preconception Counseling Works

When a couple is introduced to the idea of preconception counseling the first question they often ask themselves is, “Do we really need this?” In truth, we recommend preconception counseling for any PGOMG patient who is considering conceiving in the near future. A lot of couples are confident that once they decide to have a

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