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MonaLisa Touch

Cutting-edge Therapy Treating Postmenopausal Symptoms in the Bay Area

Mona Lisa LOGOAs many as 50% of postmenopausal women suffer from changes to their gynecological health due to menopause or cancer treatments. If you are experiencing a decreased quality of life due to your age or a cancer diagnosis, you might want to consider MonaLisa Touch at PGOMG.

What is MonaLisa Touch and how does it work?

MonaLisa Touch is a cutting edge laser therapy treatment that stimulates collagen production in the cells of the vagina. The vaginal laser delivers controlled energy to specific areas of tissue, which helps treat the unpleasant vaginal symptoms associated with menopause and changing estrogen levels.

MonaLisa Touch takes less than five minutes per session, is virtually painless (does not require anesthesia), and provides many patients with results after their first treatment session. It is performed in your doctor’s office in three sessions over an 18-week period, with a follow-up treatment at one year. Patients must refrain from intercourse for two to three days post-treatment but may return to other normal activities immediately.

Who should use MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch is ideal for postmenopausal women who are experiencing unpleasant changes such as vaginal dryness, itching, burning and painful intercourse. MonaLisa Touch is also safe for breast cancer survivors and for women who are currently undergoing breast cancer treatment.

MonaLisa Touch at PGOMG

PGOMG recognizes that as many as 32 million women may be experiencing unpleasant vaginal changes due to their age or health conditions. If you are a postmenopausal woman and are interested in MonaLisa Touch to improve your quality of life, please contact PGOMG to discuss your symptoms and see if you are a candidate for treatment. At PGOMG, MonsaLisa Touch is performed by Drs. Filler, Massa, and Yu.

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