There’s still time to kick-start any positive health efforts before settling on a New Year’s resolution. Taking care of yourself is essential all year round, but taking some time to refocus before one of the busiest times of the year is important too.

PGOMG wanted to offer patients some options to consider that will benefit their health into the new year.

  1. Schedule your next annual well-woman exam – Whether it’s needed before the end of this year or early next, getting your annual exam scheduled will ease any stress you may feel about having the appointment sit idle on your to-do list. Our office works hard to schedule appointments in a way that best fits patients’ needs.
  2. Complete regular breast self-exams – If you receive a breast exam only during your annual appointment with PGOMG, then there is more you need to do to ensure preventative breast health care. Breast self-exams are an excellent opportunity to review whether any changes have taken place in the appearance, feel, and texture of your breasts – and whether a more immediate appointment is needed with your PGOMG provider to discuss these changes.
  3. Determine whether a change in contraception is needed – Sometimes women can be unhappy, for months or even years, with the method of contraception they use, without considering that it’s possible to change the method so that their birth control better suits their lifestyle. Contraception should work for you, your needs, your schedule, and your family-planning goals. If something isn’t quite right, then you have the option of asking to try something else. Just as the birth control pill isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, having an IUD or implant may or may not be ideal.
  4. Add 30 minutes or more of activity to your day – Rather than adding another half hour to your total time spent sitting down, try ending the day on a healthier note with a 30-minute walk. Many people will bristle at the idea of starting a new exercise routine – especially so close to the holidays – but you don’t need an entire routine to make a difference. Taking a walk during a lunch break or walking around the neighborhood after dinner is the type of physical activity that any doctor will encourage.
  5. Consider family-planning goals – If you are interested in growing your family at some point in the near future, talking to your PGOMG provider is ideal. You can plan when to conclude use of birth control or when to start prenatal vitamin use, preconception counseling, and more.

If you are ready to schedule your next annual exam or an appointment with our providers, please contact PGOMG today.