Sometimes we fall into a routine, even with an appointment that occurs only once a year, like an annual well-woman exam. It’s understandable to want to conclude your visit and return to normal routines and responsibilities, but visits with your gynecologist are an opportunity.

At PGOMG, we want to ensure that patients leave their appointments satisfied they have the knowledge they need to ensure a healthy year ahead. To that end, we’ve compiled three unexpected questions to ask your gynecologist during your next appointment.

  1. If family planning is a future goal, is there anything in my personal or familial medical history that would affect my ability to conceive? Women interested in growing their families should be aware of medical issues that could affect fertility. Examples include endometriosis, PCOS, early menopause, previous cancer treatment, reproductive surgeries, etc.
  2. Are my menstrual/period symptoms normal? So many female patients simply put up with menstrual symptoms that are severe when they could undergo treatment to, at the very least, help alleviate any pain or discomfort. We invite patients to learn more about normal period symptoms here.
  3. Can I change my birth control/contraception? Many patients don’t realize that they don’t need to stick with their current form of birth control if it isn’t meeting their needs. Sometimes one form of birth control is more convenient than another, depending on your lifestyle. And what worked for you as a teenager might not work as well for an adult with a career. You can talk to your gynecologist about switching birth control during an appointment.

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