When a couple is introduced to the idea of preconception counseling the first question they often ask themselves is, “Do we really need this?”

In truth, we recommend preconception counseling for any PGOMG patient who is considering conceiving in the near future. A lot of couples are confident that once they decide to have a child and stop birth control, pregnancy will quickly follow, but this is not always the case. In order to assure not only that pregnancy occurs around your preferred time frame but that it starts off as healthy as possible, preconception counseling is necessary.

At PGOMG, preconception counseling consists of time spent consulting with our experienced providers, who walk you through the necessary steps before you start trying for a pregnancy. Our providers carefully review your medical history to determine if there is a need to screen for certain pre-existing genetic traits. This information is essential not only for your own health but for the health of your future child. Your PGOMG provider will also discuss ways you can optimize your diet and lifestyle to take advantage of peak times in your fertility cycle. In addition, we will review immunizations that are recommended prior to pregnancy.

Your current state of health will play a key factor in a healthy pregnancy, and your doctor can provide you with important information in this regard. For example, testing for pre-existing genetic traits is a key feature of most preconception counseling sessions. Certain racial and ethnic groups are more prone to certain genetic diseases, so your doctor may seek genetic testing for this reason or for another, such as your family medical history.

When you have preconception counseling, you know you are beginning the process of achieving a pregnancy in the healthiest way possible. The fact is that unplanned or poorly planned pregnancies run a higher risk of complications. If you are interested in having a baby and want to start your pregnancy in the best possible way, contact PGOMG today and schedule an appointment to discuss preconception counseling.

*PGOMG also offers patients fertility evaluation and treatment.