For those who are about to have their first visit with a gynecologist, or for parents or caregivers preparing to bring their daughters to PGOMG for the first time, the first well woman exam may seem a little intimidating, but we promise there is no reason for worry or stress.

Your first exam with a gynecologist can serve three purposes: education, prevention and/or treatment. The topics discussed and exams performed during your first visit with PGOMG will depend entirely on your individual medical and sexual history.

Of course, we recommend talking to female friends and family about their gynecology experiences, but in order to ease any concerns you may have, we’ve outlined a few things to keep in mind when you schedule your first well woman exam.

A few tips:

Don’t worry!

A gynecological exam is no reason for stress or concern. Your PGOMG provider will be able to talk through any questions you may have, as well as explain what will happen and why each step is needed during a physical exam.

Be honest.

Being honest with your PGOMG provider is very important. It can be tempting to omit certain personal topics, such as sexual activity, but your provider will need to know this information in order to perform an accurate physical exam and recommend testing or treatment if needed. Your provider will respect your privacy.

Ask questions!

No question is too “silly” or “weird” for your provider. We believe that all of your questions deserve answers, and we are happy to give them.

An annual well woman exam: Education

Your PGOMG provider will be able to provide information regarding any question you may have about your gynecological or sexual health. Questions you may feel uncomfortable asking family or friends are welcome at PGOMG – there is no judgment toward any medical question you may have.

Examples of questions can include:

If I’m on birth control, do I still need to use a condom?

If I think I may have an STD, how do I get tested?

I think sex is painful – can you help me figure out why?

An annual woman exam: Prevention

Annual well woman exams are an excellent opportunity to learn about sexual transmitted disease (STD) prevention. STDs are easily spread from person to person during unprotected intercourse, especially among young men and women who are among those most likely to contract an STD.

An annual well woman exam: Treatment

If needed, your provider will recommend testing and treatment, whether for an STD or for a gynecological condition such as endometriosis or severe menstruation.