Knowing how to protect against STDs is an incredibly important part of your overall sexual health. Statistically, one in two individuals who are sexually active will contract an STD by the time they’re twenty-five. Many of these individuals make conscious choices when it comes to using birth control methods effectively to prevent pregnancy, but they are not conscious of the fact that the only way to prevent the spread of an STD is to use a condom – in addition to birth control. Here at PGOMG, we are dedicated to educating our readers on a few of the most important facts about STDs today.

1.  You can have an STD and not know it

Not every STD shows symptoms; in fact, many of them can go undetected for years after initial exposure.  A commonly held belief is that it will be obvious when someone has an sexually transmitted disease – that you’ll be able to tell by seeing a person’s genitalia that they have contracted a disease or infection. Though this is true for some STDs, especially those that have progressed seriously, you won’t know for sure if someone is infected unless they are tested. We offer testing/screening for STDs at PGOMG.

2.  STDs can be spread by a range of sexual activity

Intercourse is not the only way you can contract a sexually transmitted disease. STDs can be spread via various types of sexual activity. This does depend on the type of STD, but they can be spread via contact with a person’s semen, blood, skin-to-skin, and even breast milk.

3.  Some STDs can be treated and cured, some can not

Before you begin to worry and stress about getting tested for an STD, it’s important to realize that some STDs can be effectively treated.  Again, this factor is entirely dependent on the type of sexually transmitted disease that a patient is diagnosed with, but STDs like Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and more can be cured without causing long-term damage if they are discovered shortly after exposure. This is why being tested as soon as unprotected sexual activity occurs is an essential part of a person’s overall health. It’s better to know now what needs to be taken care of rather than hope that everything’s okay and risk your health in the long run.

STD testing and screening at PGOMG maintains our patient’s privacy. If you are concerned about exposure to an STD, or if you are simply sexually active and have never been tested please contact PGOMG and schedule an appointment