At PGOMG, we are always working to provide the best possible patient experience our team can offer. From the moment you book an appointment to the moment you leave our office, we want your experience with PGOMG to be straightforward and stress-free.

In order to save time and help us help you, there are three easy steps patients can take before their visit in order to save time and streamline appointments.

Update your information (ASAP).

Patients should inform PGOMG of any changes to their personal history, medical history, or insurance prior to the next scheduled appointment. All you need to do is contact PGOMG by calling (415) 923-3123 or by filling out an online contact form. You can also easily make updates yourself through the patient portal. We recommend using the online contact form or the patient portal because they help assure that your information is as accurate is possible. Our team will contact you with any follow-up questions by phone, email, or mail.

Examples of important information updates:

  • You have a new insurance provider or your benefits have changed
  • You have a new emergency contact
  • You are taking new medication(s)

Learn what is and isn’t covered in an annual well woman exam.

Many patients believe an annual well woman exam is when they can check in with their provider on any and all health concerns, but this is simply untrue. Annual exams serve a very specific purpose: preventative care. If you have any questions on what can be covered in a well woman exam and what requires a separate appointment, read our guidelines, and if necessary, book a separate appointment.

Let us know if you’d like your prescriptions delivered.

PGOMG works with two home and work delivery services that deliver prescriptions for free. Instead of a trip to the pharmacy, your prescriptions can be sent directly to your house or office at no extra charge. Patients who use this service love the convenience of home or office delivery and love eliminating pharmacy visits and long lines from their routines.

Once your information is up to date, contact PGOMG to schedule your next appointment.