Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to feel like a chore. We all know that we should eat healthy, nutritious foods and exercise, but the heft of activity that comes with everyday life can sincerely make those goals difficult to reach day in and day out. At PGOMG, we came up with a few simple tasks that women can take today – or some even when they have the time to do so – that will make them feel better tomorrow.

1.     Switch out 1-2 drinks a day with water

Try replacing the diet soda you always have with lunch or that juice you drink before heading to work with a glass of water. You’ll still be hydrated, but with far less calories and other ingredients that can give you a small boost of energy, but drop-off and leave you craving more a few hours later.

 2.     Catch-up on those health check-ups!

It’s easy to skip out on yearly tests and exams, especially when they co-inside with a busy schedule. However, those tests and exams exist for good reason and letting them pass by without reschedule for long periods of time is a potentially harmful error. If you haven’t yet had your annual well-woman exam at PGOMG, now is the time to schedule an appointment and let your PGOMG physician check-in with how you are doing. It’s easy to schedule a visit, simply click over to our contact PGOMG page and request an appointment or call our office, 415-923-3123.

 3.     Turn your phone off before going to bed

Or at least on silent if you need the alarm to wake up in the morning. A big part of our inability to “turn off” at the end of the day is technology. Especially when this technology has the ability to wake us up multiple times during the night with beeps from texts and notifications. Give yourself the gift of a solid night’s rest and turn your phone off or on silent when you can.

 4.     Take care of that “thing’ that’s been bothering you – really!

Whether it’s a weird ache that comes and goes or just a feeling that something is “off”, take the time to visit your doctor and discuss your symptoms. There’s no point in “toughing it out” if you find your issue is truly affecting your daily activity. At PGOMG, we can handle a comprehensive list of women’s health concerns.

5.     Find time for a break

Fifteen minutes of time spent outside without the glare of a computer screen in front of you can do wonders. Eye strain is a serious side effect of modern technology and the demands of a job spent in an office, but it can also do a number of your general mood and overall productivity. Make sure to allow time for breaks during the day that allow you to disconnect from the demands of a hectic schedule for a short time now and then. When the break is over, you’ll come back refreshed and ready to finish what you started.