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STI Awareness: What Patients Should Know

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a prevalent yet often stigmatized health issue that affects millions of individuals worldwide. Despite advances in modern medicine, misconceptions and misinformation surrounding STIs persist, contributing to the continued spread of these infections. To empower individuals with the knowledge needed to protect their sexual health, we hope to address STI risk

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Taking Care of Your Sexual Health

Most of the time, taking care of your sexual health comes down to commonsense decisions that need to be made during every sexual encounter. Using protection and contraception (and doing so properly) is essential, but unfortunately there are many misconceptions about which protection protects against what and how contraception really works. Your PGOMG provider is

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3 Key Facts You Need To Know About STDs

Knowing how to protect against STDs is an incredibly important part of your overall sexual health. Statistically, one in two individuals who are sexually active will contract an STD by the time they’re twenty-five. Many of these individuals make conscious choices when it comes to using birth control methods effectively to prevent pregnancy, but they

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