For those whose pregnancy is determined to be high risk, the time between conception and the birth of your baby will require an additional level of caution, and the providers at PGOMG are always prepared to assist women during this time.

High risk pregnancy can apply to a number of health and personal situations, all of which are carefully monitored and treated at our practice.

Having your provider confirm that your pregnancy is high risk may seem daunting and stressful, but modern medicine allows for women to continue the course of their pregnancy with appropriate plans in place for a healthy delivery and baby.

Your pregnancy may be considered high risk if you:

  • Are over the age of 35
  • Have a multiple pregnancy, that is, you are pregnant with more than one baby
  • Had complications during a previous pregnancy or delivery
  • Have an underlying health issue such as diabetes, cancer or HIV

It’s important for women who meet the above criteria to contact their PGOMG provider in two situations. First, women ideally will meet with their provider for pre-conception counseling if they have an underlying health issue such as diabetes. Preconception counseling allows your provider to create a plan that will account for any conditions you may have and prepare your body for pregnancy. It is highly recommended for all women considering starting a family and is especially beneficial to those who may have high risk pregnancies.

Second, women who meet the conditions listed above should meet with their provider as soon as they believe they are pregnant – not only to confirm a pregnancy, but also to begin discussing how best to continue in the next nine months. High risk pregnancies often require more monitoring than a typical pregnancy, as your provider will want to check in more frequently to keep an eye on how things are progressing. Sometimes certain treatments are needed during high risk pregnancies, such as medications or diet/lifestyle changes.

Contact your PGOMG provider today to discuss high risk pregnancy, preconception counseling or other obstetrical needs.