Very few people know the day their babies will be born. Other than induced labor or planned C-sections, delivery dates remain elusive; they usually fall within 2 weeks of your due date, though sometimes earlier. The days leading up to your baby’s exact birthday contain fleeting indicators that labor is on the horizon; recognizing these signs will better prepare you for delivery, and keep the stress of preparation to a minimum.  Here are five signs to look out for as you approach your due date.

1. Baby Drops

When your baby is getting ready to come, they will “drop” into position. Their descent into the pelvis is a good indicator that labor is near, but not too near; this usually occurs 2-4 weeks before labor begins. You will likely be urinating more often than usual at this stage of pregnancy, which is normal. Your baby’s head is in a lower position, putting more pressure on your bladder.

2. Dilated Cervix

Your cervix, or the narrow canal at the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina, widens and thins in preparation for your baby to pass through the birth canal. This usually happens in the days or weeks leading to your delivery date and is different for every person. Your doctor will track and measure your cervix, especially in the late stages of pregnancy. 

3. Nesting Urges

You may find yourself running to the store more often than normal in search of the final perfect items for your little one. The urge to nest is natural, and increases as the days leading up to labor pass. The desire to paint, decorate, and make sure all pieces are put into place means your baby may soon be on the way. 

4. Pelvic Pressure

Cramps will increase as you approach labor. They may feel like normal menstrual cramps, but they could be signs of early contractions. These cramps will be noticeable, but shouldn’t be painful; just slightly uncomfortable.

5. Bloody Show

Changes in vaginal discharge occur in the late stages of pregnancy, but it isn’t the typical water break like in the movies. During your pregnancy, your cervix is sealed shut by a “mucus plug” that will begin to deteriorate in the late stages. After this, you will start to notice your vaginal discharge getting thicker and pinkish. This is considered a bloody show, and it means you will soon find yourself in labor. 

No matter what your symptoms are, your baby will give you plenty of notice when it is ready to meet the world. Everybody is different, and labor may come sooner or later. The mystery will reveal itself slowly or all at once, but regardless of your pregnancy journey, knowing what to look out for will prepare you for the big day. If you have questions about your pregnancy or to speak to our experts, contact PGMOG today.