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Pregnancy symptoms

5 Pregnancy Experiences You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

We’ve all heard of the most common pregnancy symptoms – nausea, vomiting, heartburn, back pain, fatigue, etc. However, the full range of pregnancy symptoms would surprise most people. Pregnancy can be a very different experience from one woman to another. What one woman can find difficult and potentially damaging to her quality of life, another

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Five Early Signs of Labor

Very few people know the day their babies will be born. Other than induced labor or planned C-sections, delivery dates remain elusive; they usually fall within 2 weeks of your due date, though sometimes earlier. The days leading up to your baby’s exact birthday contain fleeting indicators that labor is on the horizon; recognizing these

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Can I Tell If My Pregnancy Is Ectopic?

An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg implants or attaches somewhere other than a woman’s uterus. Ectopic pregnancies frequently implant in the Fallopian tubes. An ectopic pregnancy cannot turn into a normal pregnancy. At PGOMG, we understand the sensitivity and compassion needed in cases of ectopic pregnancy, and we are experienced in providing the

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Seven Early Signs of Pregnancy

Whether a pregnancy is expected or not, many women who think they may be pregnant will be anxious to know for sure. At-home pregnancy tests are a convenient go-to, but most require that women wait for a certain length of time before a test can be considered an accurate determination of pregnancy. Pregnancy tests that

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Is “Pregnancy Brain” Real?

“Pregnancy brain” is a genuine sense of fogginess that makes it difficult for pregnant women to concentrate or remember things that they would typically remember before becoming pregnant. For other women, pregnancy brain is an unfortunate stereotype that can “undermine a woman’s confidence” in her mind and body while pregnant. Doctors are divided on whether

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A Guide to Your First Trimester of Pregnancy Symptoms

Congratulations! The first trimester of a pregnancy is truly an exciting and thrilling time. If this is your first pregnancy, then you probably have an idea of what to expect based on what you heard growing up – you know about a few of the more common symptoms (morning sickness) and that the first trimester

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