When it comes to contraceptive options, a decision will depend on your lifestyle and family planning goals – the same goes for those who are deciding between a tubal ligation and contraception such as the pill or an IUD. Every woman considering birth control options or considering changing her birth control is different.

Perhaps you’ve already completed family building and no longer wish to have another child, or maybe you’re not completely sure if your family is complete and wish to leave options open for another pregnancy. Either way, there is a contraceptive option available for everyone, regardless of family planning.

You might be interested in tubal ligation (“tubes tied”) if you…

  • Have completed family building
  • Are interested in a permanent form of birth control (sterilization)
  • Are interested in ending birth control cost

There are benefits to undergoing a tubal ligation as opposed to another form of birth control. Tubal ligation benefits include a 50% risk reduction for ovarian cancer along with the fact that after your surgical procedure, you will no longer have to consider future birth control costs.

This being said, tubal ligation is not for everyone. If you are in any way unsure if you wish to become pregnant in the future, your PGOMG provider will not recommend this procedure. Yes, a tubal ligation can be reversed, but your doctor will urge you to consider this to be a permanent procedure, as it is intended to be.

You might be interested in contraception if you…

  • Plan on trying for a pregnancy in the future
  • Are not totally sure if you wish to try for a pregnancy in the future

The type of contraception you choose is entirely up to you. Some women prefer daily birth control, such as the pill, while others prefer the Mirena IUD, which, once inserted, can last up to five years. Nexplanon, a small implant that is inserted into a woman’s arm, can last up to three years. Or you and your partner can continue to use condoms – which are always needed to prevent the spread of STDs, regardless of any other form of birth control.

Contraception is a personal choice, one in which your PGOMG provider is able to help guide you, should you have any questions or concerns. If you are interested in tubal ligation or contraception, please contact PGOMG to discuss these options with your provider.