Scheduling your annual well woman exam with your PGOMG provider is very important. Annual exams serve as preventive healthcare, meaning that the appointment is an opportunity for your physician to determine if there are any current or potential issues, like cervical and breast cancer.

Despite the clear benefits, many women choose to skip their annual exam because they think it’s “no big deal” or some kind of hassle.

Even if fitting an appointment into your schedule requires some flexibility, making the time once a year is always recommended. It’s important that women of all ages take their health seriously, including when you feel well and don’t believe there are any issues present. This being said, there are a few ways that gynecological appointments can be made easier. For further details, please see below.

  1. Request and schedule your appointment as soon as possible – Appointment dates can fill up quickly over the course of a year, and if you have a preferred day/time that works best for your schedule, then we suggest booking your next annual exam during your visit and marking your calendar. You can always move the appointment should an issue arise, but having the appointment confirmed early may prevent you from feeling any stress over needing to remember that the time for an exam is coming up.
  2. Complete patient forms prior to the appointment – You can download and complete some of our patient forms ahead of your visit to the office. This will save time in the waiting room, as there won’t be a need to delay your appointment until all paperwork is finished. Less time in the waiting room can equal less time at the office overall, which means you’ll be on your way and back to school, work or other responsibilities more quickly.
  3. Prepare questions for your physician – Often, patients tend to think of their questions/concerns once an appointment is already over. We understand that afterthoughts can happen, but they can be frustrating for patients. One way to work around this would be to prepare your questions prior to the exam. You can write them down or add them to a note in your phone.

You can request an appointment with PGOMG today! You can do so online or you can call 415-923-3123 during normal business hours.