This year, National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) offers the theme of #WhatIWantYouToKnow. So often, women and men experiencing infertility feel a sense of embarrassment or shame over their diagnosis.

It can be so challenging to exist in a world where it feels like everyone you know is having babies and you’re scheduling fertility appointments between meetings, finding a private space to complete hormone injections, and enduring waiting periods to see if your treatment was a success. This is why NIAW is so important to so many people across the country, and why it’s essential to take part. 

Get involved in 2021’s NIAW!

  • On Wednesday, April 21st you can #WearOrange to show your support for the infertility community. Extra points for taking a photo and sharing it on social media with the #WearOrange and #NIAW hashtags. 
  • Submit a proclamation proposal to your local and/or state government. Proclamations raise awareness for important, sometimes lesser-known causes. Having local and state government support for infertility awareness can help change the conversation around fertility issues. Learn how to create and submit a proposal in your state here
  • Support a fundraiser or host one – Local fundraisers for infertility causes are important because every effort counts no matter how small the end result. Fundraisers for better awareness are held every April across the country with funds directing to local and national fertility-related causes. 
  • Share your story (if and when you’re ready) – Fertility is a deeply personal topic, so it’s always up to you and your partner to share your story on your own terms. Maybe that means having direct conversations with friends and family, or maybe that means writing a longer social post or blog entry. However you decide, sharing your story can be cathartic to you and helpful to others who aren’t familiar with infertility or perhaps are misled on some of the basic aspects. 

No matter how you decide to take part, NIAW is an opportunity for women and men across the country to take infertility from a topic that isn’t widely discussed to one that comes out into the light. There is absolutely no shame in seeking care for a medical issue, and the desire to become a parent is universal. 

If you would like to discuss fertility concerns or preconception counseling with your provider, please contact PGOMG today to request an appointment.