The temptation to will away an awkward or uncomfortable gynecological symptom is understandable, but never advisable. Many lingering medical issues can be treated effectively after a trip to your provider, and this is especially true for gynecological issues.

At PGOMG, we understand that taking time away from school or work to see your gynecologist may be low on your to-do list, but ignoring problems and hoping that they are resolved on their own is not only impractical, it can be harmful to your long-term health, and possibly to your fertility.

Ten gynecological symptoms women should never ignore

  1. Painful intercourse – Pain can occur either during or after sex. Both may indicate a medical issue.
  2. Painful or excessive urination – Does it hurt to pee, or are you peeing a lot more than usual?
  3. Irregular periods – Does your period not arrive about every 28 days or do you experience periods that are shorter or longer than average?
  4. Heavy menstrual bleeding – Sometimes a heavy period is more than it seems. Severe or heavy menstrual bleeding is not part of a normal period.
  5. Breast changes – Lumps, bumps, changes in color and/or changes in texture can all indicate a serious issue.
  6. Vaginal changes – Lumps, bumps and rashes should all be discussed with your provider.
  7. Missed period – Have you ever missed your period before – and not due to pregnancy? Was your period light or skipped entirely?
  8. Spotting – Some light bleeding in between cycles could be of concern.
  9. Excessive bloating – Are you bloated far more than usual? Is it painful? Do your clothes no longer fit comfortably because you’re bloated?
  10. Discharge – Some vaginal discharge is expected, but discharge that is yellow, green, brown or has a strong scent is abnormal.

The above symptoms could potentially indicate a range of gynecological conditions. It’s important to remember not to panic if you are experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, as many conditions are effectively treated after a diagnosis. Living with pain, discomfort or stress regarding your symptoms is completely unnecessary. Additionally, should your symptoms prove to be from a serious health concern, you are putting your long-term health, and maybe even your fertility, at risk when you avoid proper medical care.

If you have any of the above symptoms or if you would like to schedule an appointment with your provider to check in for any reason, please contact PGOMG today.