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Is It Safe to Travel While I’m Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a time when women are concerned about not only their own health and safety but also that of their baby, and many women have questions about what exactly is and is not safe during pregnancy. Above all, our top recommendation is that patients contact their PGOMG provider to ask any questions and discuss

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Zika Virus and Pregnancy Update with Resources

At PGOMG, we understand that anyone who is considering a pregnancy, actively trying to conceive, or is currently pregnant will have concerns about the Zika virus. As with the nature of an outbreak like Zika, we’re learning new information about the virus, how its spread, its effects, and treatments often. Zika news from within the

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Should I Be Worried About the Zika Virus?

Developments about the Zika virus have made headline after headline since early 2016, leading many Americans, especially pregnant women, to wonder if they should be worried about the virus and if it will affect their summer travel plans. These are all legitimate concerns. The CDC maintains a thorough up-to-date guide to help stop the spread

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How Does the Zika Virus Affect Pregnancy?

What is the Zika virus? The Zika virus is most commonly transmitted through mosquitoes. Its symptoms typically include a mild fever, muscle and/or joint pain, skin rash, and inflammation of the eyes called conjunctivitis. There is currently no known treatment or vaccine for the Zika virus, but due to its increasingly widespread outbreak in South

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