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Cervical Health and the Importance of Regular Pap Smears

Cervical health is essential to one’s overall wellness, making cervical screenings such as Pap smears a vital component of a woman’s healthcare routine. Cervical screenings, particularly Pap smears, are quick, yet informative. The simple test can detect abnormalities such as infection and cancer.  Understanding Cervical Health  The cervix connects the lower part of the uterus

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What Every Woman Should Know About Pap Smears and HPV Testing

While the thought of your next pap smear may not spark much enthusiasm, cervical screenings are essential to female health and cancer prevention. During a pap smear, a sample of cervical cells is obtained and then sent to the lab to be analyzed for precancers, which are changes in the cell that may indicate the

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Five Women’s Healthcare Goals to Set for the New Year

Holistic women’s healthcare has a lot of moving parts — including everyday activities like eating, sleeping and brushing your teeth, as well as sporadic preventative care like mammograms and hysteroscopy. Here are five easy-to-achieve goals to set for the new year when it comes to your health and wellness. Schedule your annual exam. Don’t let

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Why Cervical Cancer Prevention Remains Critical

A recent study revealed that cervical cancer fatality rates are higher than previously reported, emphasizing the importance of the recommended annual cancer screening administered during annual well woman exams. The study notes that a shocking percentage of black women — 77% — have a higher fatality rate than previously reported. White women have a 47%

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