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Aging Gracefully: Addressing Gynecological Concerns in Older Women

A woman’s gynecological concerns often change with age. Caring for one’s reproductive health and well-being is essential for older women. This article describes some gynecological concerns that older women commonly face.  Vaginal Dryness Vaginal dryness is a common problem, particularly as women age. After menopause, hormonal changes often lead to vaginal dryness, but other factors

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Bladder Health Awareness Month: Tips for a Healthy Bladder

Of all our organs, the bladder is definitely one of the unsung heroes of the human body. Even though many women don’t really think about it too often, this muscular, hollow organ is a really important component of our body’s urinary system. Because November is Bladder Health Awareness Month, we have a chance to celebrate

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10 Things No One Ever Tells You about Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression

1. The “baby blues” and postpartum depression are not the same. “Baby blues” may refer to the common mood swings, sadness, irritability and anxiety that women can experience after pregnancy and giving birth. Postpartum depression is more severe, with symptoms often lasting longer than a few weeks. 2. Postpartum depression’s symptoms can include insomnia; loss

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Let’s Talk About Menopause: Symptoms and Treatment

First, the basics: menopause is a natural, biological process that begins when there are less than 10,000 eggs left in the ovaries. It is defined as twelve months after a women’s last menstrual period. The average age in which a woman begins menopause in the United States is fifty-one, but women can begin menopause at

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Incontinence Management: What It Is & What We Can Do

Incontinence, or urinary incontinence is a condition in which urine is released from the body unintentionally. Over thirteen million people in the U.S. experience urinary incontinence, and women experience it twice as often as men, particularly women who are post-menopausal. This issue can occur when you experience the need to go to the bathroom, but

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