At the very least, it’s important that women who suspect that they have had a miscarriage contact their doctor to let him or her know. A doctor can determine whether an office visit is necessary. This often depends on how far along the pregnancy was, your symptoms, and whether there are any other health concerns present.

It is not recommended for women to assume that once a suspected miscarriage appears to be complete that there is no need for medical care. In some cases, this may be true; however, a doctor should be the one to determine that.

What are the symptoms of a miscarriage?

  • Moderate to severe stomach pain and/or cramping
  • Vaginal bleeding (can be heavy or spotty)
    • Discharge (can be pink or white)
  • Contractions
  • Sudden loss of pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, etc.

Sometimes, there are no symptoms associated with having a miscarriage. In these instances, women find out that they are no longer pregnant during an OB visit when an ultrasound is performed. Some women report no longer “feeling” pregnant and suspect that they have miscarried.

What if my symptoms are severe?

If your symptoms are severe, meaning that you are unable to function due to the amount of pain or bleeding taking place, seek emergency medical care. A visit to the emergency room (ER) is needed in the event of heavy bleeding, clotting, fainting and/or dizziness. Please seek emergency care should these symptoms occur.

Does having a miscarriage mean I can’t carry a healthy pregnancy?

Typically, your doctor will note that having a miscarriage is not an indication that you are unable to carry a pregnancy all the way to childbirth. There are a few different reasons why a miscarriage can occur, such as an infection, hormonal imbalance, anatomical abnormality or a genetic condition. Additionally, the cause may ultimately be unknown. Many women who have had a miscarriage go on to have healthy pregnancies and deliveries. Your doctor can determine whether further treatment is needed after a miscarriage as well as whether there is a concern about a miscarriage happening again.

For those with questions about having a miscarriage, please contact PGOMG or request an appointment today.