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Postpartum depression

The Postpartum Depression Symptoms to Look Out For

Postpartum depression is a serious condition which can develop anywhere from a few days to six months after a woman gives birth. Postpartum depression’s symptoms should not be ignored, even if you are unsure if you or your partner’s symptoms are severe enough to seek medical attention. Women can expect certain changes post-childbirth, but when

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10 Things No One Ever Tells You about Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression

1. The “baby blues” and postpartum depression are not the same. “Baby blues” may refer to the common mood swings, sadness, irritability and anxiety that women can experience after pregnancy and giving birth. Postpartum depression is more severe, with symptoms often lasting longer than a few weeks. 2. Postpartum depression’s symptoms can include insomnia; loss

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Could It Be Postpartum Depression? 3 Questions to Ask

The days, weeks and months following the birth of your baby can be a wave of emotional ups and downs. All of this excitement in meeting and getting to know your newborn can take priority over your postpartum health. Many women are often so inundated with late-nights, feedings, doctor’s appointments, diapers and more, they don’t

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