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It’s Flu Season: Find Out How to Avoid the Flu

Did you know that flu season actually begins in fall and can last until the spring, sometimes as late as May? Even though the flu season typically peaks in January and February, as national temperatures begin to drop bit by bit, it’s impossible not to notice that flu season is here. The flu is different

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Should I Get the Flu Vaccine?

It’s that time of year – the flu vaccine is now available at PGOMG. We’ve found that many of our patients are unsure whether the flu vaccine is necessary. In fact, lots of questions regarding the flu vaccine are based on misconceptions about the vaccine itself. Doctors recommend the vaccine for everyone over six months

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3 Things That Can Lower A Woman’s Ability to Fight Off an Infection

Regardless of the temperature around the country, it’s still winter, and that means that we are all still stuck in the middle of cold and flu season. According to the CDC, the flu season usually hits its peak in the U.S. in January and February, but widespread flu activity can occur as late as May. 

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