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How to Substitute Unhealthy Choices Out of Your Diet

The winter season is a time of year when we sometimes struggle to fulfill personal goals – remember your New Year’s resolutions? Even though those holidays where over-eating and indulging in calorie-rich food are over, it doesn’t mean that there is suddenly a shortage of everyone’s favorite snacks and sweets. Eating healthy day after day

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American Heart Month Is Important for Women

February is American Heart Month, which aims to raise awareness and increase education on heart health, including heart disease. You may be surprised to hear that heart disease poses a serious risk to women, not just men. In fact, the American Heart Association has stated that one in three women will die of heart disease

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5 Types of Food to Introduce into Your Diet Today

We’re all told that a nutritious and well-balanced diet is the key to long-term health, as well as energy for your everyday life. But when women are advised about changes in their diets, it often involves having to cut out certain foods. Today, PGOMG is asking that women add certain foods to their diet. Of

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