Are you on birth control? Or perhaps another medication prescribed by your PGOMG provider?

If so, and you’re still making trips to the pharmacy once a month to pick-up these prescriptions, you are missing out on a special delivery service that removes the need for scheduling and stress that stems from prescription re-fills.

PGOMG now partners with two no-cost, home/work delivery prescription services: NimbleRx and ScriptDash.

NimbleRx and ScriptDash do not charge patients to deliver prescription medications to their homes, and any costs associated with your prescription, such as a co-pay, will be the same cost as it is normally with your pharmacy because both services support major insurance providers.

Here are some benefits each services promotes:

With NimbleRx, you are provided with…

  • No-cost delivery.
  • Same-day delivery.
  • You can add as many family members as you’d like.
  • Prescriptions can be managed online.

With ScriptDash, you are provided with…

  • No-cost delivery.
  • Same-day delivery.
  • The delivery will always be discreet.
  • Prescriptions can be managed online or on the ScriptDash iOS app.

Many patients enjoy utilizing the home/work delivery services offered by NimbleRx and ScriptDash because this means that they no longer risk forgetting to re-fill medications on their own, and also no longer worry about what to do if they can’t make it to a pharmacy before it closes, if the line/wait time is too long, or if they forget their insurance card at home.

If you are interested in signing up for NimbleRx or ScriptDash, all you need to do is visit one of the respective websites and create an account. If you still have additional questions about PGOMG’s partnership with NimbleRx and ScriptDash, please contact PGOMG and we’ll be happy to address your questions.